The Wierd Ones

The Main Wierdos


Rayne is somewhat like the voice of reason around here. She has her moments but usually she's trying to keep everyone in line. That usually only eggs on the others to push her buttons even more.


Gene is a peculiar one. He tends to be a bit of an attention whore and has lots of strange interests and personal traits.


Eric is a trouble maker and when not getting his way, a grump. No ones sure why he's always in his underwear but then again, no ones confronted him about it for fear of that not being worn either.


That is the innocent child of the group. Able to be serious but not doing so very often.

The Supporting Wierdos


Sophia obviously knows Eric in some way and at one time was a bit heavy. Not much else to be known about her yet.

The Ultimate Wierdos

Fee The Bunny

Yep, that nutball to the right would be me, the creator and current webmaster of the comic. I've passed the writing and drawing duties on to Red Husky for the most part so you probably wont see much of me around anymore. Oh well, hope you all enjoy the comic in its current state.


Red Husky

And here's Red, the truly kind soul who took over the writing and drawing duties of the comic and is currently making it a much better and more original place. (sorry about the pic Red, its the only decent one I have right now)

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